Mar tech and AI

We constantly analyse and optimise campaigns for long-term success. We identify what works through A.I technology and automated services like custom email flows, social media integrations, analytics and data-driven approaches.

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Our Process..


We use analytics effectively and act on the data that actually matters to you and your goals.


We identify the tools and technology that will be most effective in achieving a campaign's objectives.


Effective use of A.I and martech enables us to not only build strategies, but add and change along the way.

Tech that enables.

Confidence in our knowledge of the best tech out there, what’s right for you, why - and the numbers to back it up means we are creative but appropriate in how we deploy martech and A.I.

The RTC Way..

Too many strategies are drowning in data but lacking insight, using technology for technology's sake. We love a cutting edge solution - whether it’s scanning or social listening tools, advanced analytics or personalisation functionality, we take the best-in-class tech and actually make it work for you.

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